Lifting each other.

As you are all probably very aware of and possibly annoyed by, I have a saint of a husband. And I don’t say that lightly, I don’t say it casually, I really mean it when I say I feel like I have one of thee top-notch men this world has to offer.

I wanted to hone in on one of the things that I believe to be absolutely critical in any successful relationship. We lift each other. It’s not me just backpacking off of Damon all the time, it’s not him just bumming around having me wait on him hand and foot. It’s both of us taking and giving to find a good balance in assisting each other with the high’s and low’s of life.


When I’m feeling super stressed and just want to lay on the floor and grovel in my own self-pity, Damon will pause and take the time to let me go through all my emotions. That is a HUGE help for me, it allows me to express my frustration so that I can then continue on with the day even when nothing seems to be ideal. It’s like a weekly if not daily thing that he does to help support me with the things I face.

I don’t know if most husbands feel this way, but Damon doesn’t necessarily love his current work situation. I can’t even tell you how many times I have had to sit down and listen to the common problems that he faces in his day to day work life. A lot of times, I have to listen to some very repetitive things. BUT, it has once again, allowed him to get through all the frustrations of the day and continue to wake up and work again the next morning.

Now, I understand that there are a lot of different phases throughout a relationship. Of course there will be times when one person is needing to be carried, when one person feels like they aren’t contributing as much as they would like. Life ebbs and flows. You can’t always be the strong one because then there could be a major burn out coming your way. On a consistent basis, however, I truly believe that it takes two committed and invested individuals to lead to a successful relationship.

We need each other. It’s not one sided, it’s both of us learning how to support the other so that we can continue on our happy little path of life. Are you pulling your weight in your relationships? Do you find it easy to give and also accept what your significant other has to offer? At times I have often felt like Damon is just constantly forking out service and love and kindness and what am I? Just the grilled cheese sandwich getting loved on all the time..? haha it’s good to take the time and see all the good that you are providing for others! Don’t discredit it, don’t cast it off as nothing. If you’re in any type of committed relationship I’m sure you are doing so much good… and if you’re not the relationship may be ending soon… haha yikes. πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ It’s good to learn how to love and be loved, there’s so much depth and expansion that we can find when we really set our minds to it. Don’t quit when things get tough. There’s usually a big span of happiness just waiting for you and that loved one around the corner.

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