One small act.

Ya know the quiet people of the world? The ones that go about doing kind things for others and then silently continue on with their day? I think those are the best kind of people, they are the ones that keep this world spinning. They are the ones that produce sunshine on rainy days, and leave happiness with anyone who crosses their path.

I feel like on my good days, the days where I have happy feelings and plenty of sleep, I’m capable of being one of these people. I can look at those around me and send a little love mail or make someone a special treat. I find myself feeling all sorts of amazing when I’m able to make it more of a priority, instead of leaving it at the bottom of my everyday to-do list.

Recently, I had someone send me a little package in the mail. As I opened the packaging and read a small note, my throat started getting that chokey-i’m-about-to-cry-feeling. Ya know what I’m talking about? This small act of simplicity, kindness, and awareness just filled my heart to the brim. I have been feeling so tired lately of carrying my people, at times I feel as if the weight of everything is too much for me and that I’m about to break under the pressure. It was such a relief to be on the receiving end of the spectrum. It left me feeling fulfilled and motivated to keep doing my best, to give it my all. One small act of service, one small thoughtful gift, it really doesn’t take much to turn someone’s day around.

Damon’s the cookie master in our home. A way that I have felt his love throughout our marriage is sometimes late at night, he’ll whip up a perfect batch of cookies and we’ll eat them while they are still warm. Not only does it warm my stomach but it fills up all the good feelings that I can have for a person. Who doesn’t love a guy that bakes??

I think we all know this philosophy in the back of our minds.  The idea that when we serve those around us or are being served it promotes happiness within our lives. We tuck it away and every once in awhile when it comes to the surface we’ll do something out of the ordinary. I’m starting a new goal with myself, that with each passing week I will find some small act. Nothing big, nothing glamorous, maybe a simple note? Maybe as I get better at it more creative ideas will come? I’m just wanting to start somewhere, knowing that if I can brighten someone’s day once a week, then maybe i’ll start feeling even happier than before?! It’s worth a shot, right?

One small act has made all the difference for me this week. It transformed just an ordinary day into a heartfelt wonderful memory. If we knew just how much good we were capable of would we be doing things a little differently? Would we handle our relationships with more gentleness? Would we have more patience with strangers? I’m hopeful that by thinking about this every week I can become a better version of myself. I can’t wait to see where this new idea will take me. ❤

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