What is balance?

While a lot of people have done away with the idea of balance, considering it an unachievable pursuit so why bother, Damon and I have always kept it as a topic of discussion between us. I totally get where people are coming from. You have your spouse, your kids, your job, your service callings, your family, your friends, your health, your hobbies. And let’s not even throw in there eating, sleeping, and bathroom breaks, right?? I get you. I totally understand, to heck with balance! It’s never going to be a part of this life.

But wait.

What if I told you, you could define balance in your own way? You spend LOTS of time with your spouse, a teeny bit of time cleaning the house, and a medium amount of time working. Great! You spend almost all your time working, a good amount helping people, and just a teeny bit for yourself. Awesome! YOU DECIDE.

I think it’s really challenging in the world we live in today, not to constantly compare your life to those around you. I mean, it is basically in your face with the touch of a button or click of a mouse. We are consistently  scrolling through the ideas of what other people’s balance looks like. The problem is, is that if we are focusing on what balance is to someone else we are never really going to find out what it is for ourselves. Forever feeling like we just can’t get it right!

Guess what?

Someone else’s idea of “right” might be dead wrong for you. Sometimes in a marriage there is a lot of focus between the husband and wife and the kids revolve around it. Sometimes in a marriage both partners are more focused on their careers, than going on adventures together. Every person and relationship is going to look and be different. When you start putting all of us in the same basket, you’re going to have a huge variety of fruit. There’s no need to compare and then strive to live a life that someone else says works.

Damon and I are still figuring out what our balance is. He’s got a one track kind of mind, when he gets fixated on one project or priority that’s where most of his attention will go and I’m… more of a jumbled mess! haha. To both of us balance is a challenge because our minds work in almost opposite ways. I’m grateful though, because it’s pushed us to both really think about how we feel balance. Not what we think balance should be, but how are we spending our time when things feel less chaotic.

We all have different strengths, weaknesses, and needs. While there are a few commonalities on all our priority lists, our thoughts and feelings towards those things can be drastically different. You choose my friend. You can spend all your time at the gym, or you can spend it at your Grandma’s. Whatever you need to make you feel fulfilled and satisfied is always worth pursuing.  I truly believe that we can be happier once we know what that means for each of us individually. Balance is in fact, something that we can have.

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